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Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development

Whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or a full blown business application, there’s more to creating a successful software product than designing something personally and making it happen technically. A good idea is a great first step, but the idea must be researched, explored, detailed, and tested as much as possible before moving through each big step in the development journey.

Our Genies have decades of experience on projects all over the world and are primarily based right here, in Oregon. Our team can build your project from the idea stage to launch or pick up where a previous development team left off. Either way our team of development experts are here to build out your project without wasting your time or money.

We pride ourselves in keeping our eye not just on technology but on the overall final success of the project. What this often means: In order to design the best experience for the target user base, there needs to be constant feedback through communication and analytics with a clear understanding of who your user base is. In order to create the best end product, we might need a functional prototype of the idea for potential users to test and record usage analytics. Advanced project management, planning, consistent communication, testing, reiteration, redesigning when needed, technical testing, rapid debugging, and post-launch support are all some of the crucial factors for the launch of a successful product.

Blue Genie Digital Steps in a Project

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Many websites we develop are dynamic applications that go far beyond normal websites. We can work with a custom database platform that allows us to build out almost any functionality you can imagine, how you imagine it. This makes our websites cleaner, faster, and more functional business tools that integrate with your current and future operations. Although, when there's a need for speed and the requirements are more basic we’re known to bend WordPress to your needs for quicker solutions.

Mobile App Design and Development

Mobile App Design and Development

We build cross platform hybrid apps by implementing the latest design and development strategies as we work with you to create what you’re looking for. However, we never stop there. Our software product experts will lead you along on a full journey in developing an app that will satisfy your wishes and succeed in meeting the expectations of its target users.

Games & Gamification

Games and Gamification

From VR to mobile to computer, our team has been developing games for nearly two decades. We help you bring your game to market and can gamify your current business model to increase buy in and engagement.

Custom Software

Custom Software

Can’t find the tool for your specific task, industry, or idea? We work with you to build it for you. It’s that simple.

How we do it

Business intelligence is at the core of everything we do. We use the best data possible to guide our clients to the best decisions possible.

From the inception of an idea to bringing it to market we believe that data driven decisions allow businesses to develop the right product, sell to the right people, and do it all at the right price and we want to ensure that our customers are making informed decisions about their business.

As data nerds ourselves we come to the table with info that can be tapped to grow your business, and that which we don’t know we know how to find out. This is why we say: make your next move your best move…because we look at what the intelligence says and base our guidance and decisions off of that.




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