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B2B Software Framework

B2B Software Framework

Blue Genie’s BxB acts as a Hub for your business, empowering businesses to create a portal that enables their suppliers and varied customers to all connect and thrive under one umbrella. Within the platform, you’re able to promote, sell, not just the main business, but all the suppliers and their products and services you choose, bringing everything under one digital roof, making it easier for all customers to find products and services that are promoted by you and your suppliers.

BxB Platform can really be customized to fit your needs and your business flow. Some of the common features are as follows;

The BxB Portal allows providers to create accounts and profiles that showcase their services and abilities. You have the option to create multiple tiers of provider accounts that allow for greater feature access and you can highlight what you like, and charge if you wish to, for each tier.

Searchers can browse the providers and find one that fits their criteria, they can create their own profile and post a request to the site which can be viewed by you and providers who can then bid on the job or initiate contact through the portal’s private messaging system. In their account, they can track bid and job status, communicate with other accounts and even upgrade their accounts to provide their own services.

Your admin panel allows you to easily maintain control of every element of the platform. From here you can create new content from blog posts to FAQs, to ad placements. Set approval parameters and assign roles to allow staff to approve new content and profiles. Whitelist trusted members, track project statuses, determine what content is available for public view and what requires an account. You can create onboarding questionnaires and allow certain types of account holders to create their own questionnaires for projects that they’re bidding on.

The platform can be customized to your specific needs with dozens of additional features. If you like what you see get in touch and we’ll create a custom portal demo for you.




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