Designing and Engineering a Better World

At Blue Genie, our passion for making a positive difference in the world drives every project we undertake. With three decades of expertise in software product design and development, we are committed to creating solutions that not only meet your technical needs but also contribute meaningfully to the world.

Chief Genie

Hâd (Ferhad Erdogan)

Hâd has over 25 years of experience in designing, building and managing software product development. He has led and contributed to an array of exciting and successful projects from web and mobile applications, to blockchain and computer game development, to product managing cloud services for a Global Fortune 500 company. His hands-on experience has honed a unique blend of wide-ranging industry knowledge, technical expertise, and innovative methodologies.

This depth of experience provides us with a solid foundation to accurately conceptualize, analyze, and create software products that have a higher chance of success, both in molding your ideas into desired products and also in securing their position within the competitive digital market.

Blue Genie’s Winning Approach


On average, one in three software projects fail, and this ratio is even greater when it comes to startups. With Blue Genie’s expertise in development and software management, we can help position your project on the successful side of this statistic.