About Blue Genie Digital

We bring three decades of hands-on software product development experience. Our extensive tenure in the industry equips us with a comprehensive understanding of the evolutionary trajectory of digital technology. This not only endows us with discerning insight into development strategies that succeed and those that falter, but also provides us with the vision to anticipate market trends, and adapt to the shifting needs of the digital landscape.

Meet the Founder

Ferhad “Had” Erdogan

“My name is Ferhad, the founder and driving force behind Blue Genie Digital. I’ve spent my life navigating the intersection of two passions: an unwavering commitment to personal growth and a deep-seated passion for technology, honed over three decades of building and managing software technology products. Now, as the essence of this company, I’m melding these passions, utilizing technology as a springboard for advancement.” Over my 30-year career in software product development and business, I’ve led and contributed to an array of successful projects, from blockchain games to cloud services operations for Global Fortune 500 companies. My hands-on experience has honed a unique blend of wide-ranging industry knowledge, technical expertise, and innovative methodologies. This depth of experience provides us with the foresight to anticipate market trends and adapt swiftly to the shifting needs of the digital landscape. Blue Genie Digital is built on this solid foundation of my personal journey in technology – a journey that has seen me shape technology in its early days, grow with it in this era of rapid innovation, and now utilize it to help others achieve their goals.

Blue Genie’s Winning Approach


On average, one in three software projects fail, and this ratio is even greater when it comes to startups. With Blue Genie’s expertise in development and software management, we can help position your project on the successful side of this statistic.