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Metaverse Game Studios

Angelic: The Game

Starting and contributing to all aspects of building a Blockchain game called Angelic at Metaverse Game Studios, from founding the initial organization to securing a $10M investment.

Blue Genie Digital Software Development

Smart Portfolios, LLC

Software Engineering and Product Management

Contributing as a software engineer and product manager to financial services automation software at Smart Portfolios, LLC.

Koc Sistem

Building Cloud Services

Leading product management for cloud services operations to over $100M/year operation at Koc Group Global Fortune 500.


Building IoT Software

Country and company coordinator for this large European Union public-private partnership in building an Internet of Things B2B software, called FISPACE Software, partnering with IBM-Israel, Atos-Spain, and many university research centers in Europe.

Blue Genie Marketing

Web Sites & Technical Marketing

Building and establishing online brands and operations for over 200 organizations at Blue Genie Marketing, our sister organization.

Aneiva Interactive

Game Design and Development

Founded the company and developed an adventure game called Cydonia: First Manned Mission to Mars. The game was hailed as one of the best adventure games in years at the time by leading industry magazine and sold in over 30 countries.


Blue Genie Digital

Our purpose extends beyond the realm of technology; we harness its potential to amplify our clients’ positive contributions to the world.
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Our approach revolves around prioritizing the overarching goal of human improvement, and how technology can best serve to create a useful and wonderful user experience.
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